Little Hunterman

Little-HuntermanLittle Hunterman is the cartoon dog version of a young Parson Jack Russell terrier called Hunter.

He is scared of open windows but loves to be outside, does not like dog food but loves found leftovers (and croissants), abhors changes in his holy routines but loves exceptions if they include rat-chases.

Little Hunterman has a strong sense of order and how things are supposed to be. He hates monitors, displays, TVs and all the things that humans keep staring at for hours and hours instead of playing with him.




FlynnFlynn (Admiral Flynn van Kwiitsch)

Flynn, a rubber duck, had his tail chewed off by a young and overexcited Hunterman a few years back. Since then, for fear of sinking, Flynn has been deathly afraid of anything concerning water, avoiding every possible contact with it – a fact that makes body hygiene rather difficult.

Hunterman has accepted the responsibility for his actions and not only became Flynn’s best friend and protector, but also carries the duck around with him whenever he goes out. Due to his normally smelly self, Flynn’s place is on Huterman’s tail, and thus as far away from the sensitive dog-nose as possible.

Flynn can be an arrogant and self-absorbed little bastard, but we all love him dearly.



Sue Lassal-Human

SueSue Lassal works as a writer and visual artist mostly for international commercial agencies.

She loves her work and works a lot day-in, day-out. Some years ago, attempting to focus on something else besides working, she sought and found a little Parson Jack Russell terrier called Hunterman and fell madly in love with him.

With little Hunterman her life has gotten so much more complicated, but ah so extraordinarily more rewarding!



Neil Tony-Human

NeilNeil Tony is an architect and Lassal’s partner in crime.
Together, they share the worries and joys that come with having a little Hunterman.
While Lassal is a bit more the stern one who insists on having an obedient dog and her rules followed, Tony calmly and stoically allows himself to be wrapped around Hunterman’s his little paws.

Hunterman loves him dearly for that.

(And he also loves him for the zombie-chases they do together – more on that crazy take later, maybe.)



FredFred is a neighboring dog who sometimes spends the day with Neil & Sue when his humans are not around.

Fred is slow but arrogant. He likes to take over the place and decided long ago that he would simply ignore any dog from a less than perfect pedigree or smaller in size (which for him amounts to the same thing anyway).

You’ll see more of Fred and the rest of the dog gang in future cartoons.


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