The Real Me in Photographs

And Flynn!!!!!

Crazy hot today

So this is my offering to the doggie goddess of the lake-houses

Up in the tree

Hinkemann watching from above and making sure that all is ok. My guardian crow.


At least SOMEONE is taking Halloween seriously in this house …!


Hinkemann loving his treat while on our latest walkie.

Under Snow Cover

Crows are even harder to see during winter time. They fit right into the picture.


HInkemann checking on us. What an amazing surprise.

Lazy Sunday … Hiding from Those Skies

So it went from super-hot to super-stormy over night. I think I did prefer it hot. Wishing you a safe Sunday – lazy or not. I'm now going to squeeze in with my humans. Right in the middle. Sign-up for my wee-mails to get my "get-to-know-me"...

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