This is my Wee-Mail welcome gift to all my fantastical Friends out there.

This book is full of pictures (with a lot of cartoons) and I follow along with some extra explanations just to make sure. This is mostest important because my Lassal-human (who does the pictures) does tend to get things wrong sometimes.  :o)

Most of the illustrations will be somewhere on this website (or on my Facebook page) if you care to dig around. Yet there are a few illustrations in the book that you won’t find anywhere else.

Along the way, I explain:

  • how to find friends
  • how to care for rubber duckies
  • how to defy bath monsters
  • how to manage croissant shortages
  • how to deal with doggie worries
  • the mostest important kinds of dog naps
  • what to take with you while traveling with humans
  • how to train your humans
  • … and much more!

At the end, you’ll be totally in the know!
Coolest, right?

Oh, I forgot to mention:
This ebook is only available on my website. 
And there is no printed version planned because it is just tooooooooooo big and would be toooooo expensive. 

So, I decided to turn this ebook into a totally special welcome gift for my Friends and Comrades all over the Earth-ball who decide to follow along to spread the love. 

Be my Friend

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