Little Hunterman Daily Cartoons 2014-03-05, The Shake Dance

I like my tub.

Maybe because I can get in and out all by myself when I want.
And it is the single place here at home where Flynn will not pester me – him probably being the only rubber duck in the whole wide world who is afraid of water!
Go figure.

Don’t tell Lassal, but sometimes I go roll in the mud just so she gives me a bath.

My dearest little Hunter, do you think for a second that I am not aware of your passion for a warm water bath (and a cold river swim)?!

How could I miss that you run straight to the tub when you come home from you extensive nightly rat chases with Tony? How not to notice the joy when the water is just right? And the ecstasy (for lack of a better expression) with which you chase through the rooms afterward to spread out the happy-message (and the remaining water droplets). :o)

And to answer your earlier question:
maybe do the shake AFTER we get the soap – and the dirt (!) – off of you.
Then again, you can wait with that until we repainted the walls.



Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber-duck".)

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