So many Little Hunterman comrades have been asking for a calendar to help their humans remember the important stuff, that we started to look for a solution. 

First we looked for a print-on-demand solution. But we did not find anything that would have worked.

And now I am fantastically happy to announce that we have been testing a coolest concept for a while. So we’ve decided to start a calendar-experiment for the year 2020 and to send out single PDF-download pages.

All of my fantastical wee-mail subscribers ( = subscribers to the Little Hunterman newsletter) will be getting download-links every month during 2020!!!

You can just print them out on your dektop printer. Either on one single page or on two pages (=bigger!)

These free downloads will only be available for wee-mail subscribers. 

Official start date: January 2020!
Which basically means that my human would send out the links in December already. After all, you’ll need some time to fill stuff in, right?

More information via wee-mail.

Stay tuned and… well, SIGN UP! Yayyy!!!!!!!!! 


The calendar-page on the left is for December 2019. This will be a special bonus for Friends who buy the Croissant edition of my book in November/December.


Downloadable, printable, totally fun,
and fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber-duck".)

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