For each Little Hunterman book that is sold, one Earth-ball hug is given. 

It does not matter if we know who bought the book or not. The publisher will tell us how many books were sold from the orders that they get from stores.
That is how we will know. Simple, right?

Unfortunately, the free book does not count.
We had to promise this to my human.

But you can check out the free book anyway to see if you like it enough to maybe get it for non-free?!

Check out the CROISSANT edition to spread Earth-ball hugs!

(It’s totally full of pictures of Flynn and myself.)


For each Little Hunterman swaggy stuff that is sold, one Earth-ball hug is given. 

My human is starting to upload some cool Little Hunterman designs into the new Society6 store.
They make stuff like mugs and pillows(!) with it – or simply something to put on the wall.

Each time they tell us that they sold something, anything, we get to add one Earth-ball hug!!!!!

Check out:

The store is running under my human’s name because back in the day she did not know any better.

Questions & Answers

This is a 6 month experiment-thingy.

Our publisher said that we need to market our book. But instead of paying for ads… 

… we want to pay for wee-trees!

If it works, we want to do it as long as we can.
If it does not work, we’ll find new ways to spread the love.


It will totally depend on when my human and her publisher get the sales-numbers from the stores.

Different stores do things differently. Some show stuff in real-time. Some take a month. Some take 3 months!

So we’ll update as we go and try to find a rhythm that works.

How do you choose your projects?

We are using B1G1 to help us choose. They vet everything and provide the framework for our tiny donations through our Earth-ball hugging challenge (otherwise transaction-fee-thingies eat everything up).

Currently, we are helping to feed tiny koala joey orphans via the koala conservation program of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

More to come …

Spread the LOVE and the Earth-Ball hugs!

Problems all over our Earth-ball are so huge, right?
And we are so little.
How could we possibly help when we are so insignificant ourselves?

Flynn and I talked a lot about this and we decided that we were going to donate ALL of our doggy&duck-royalties to our “Earth-ball hugs” challenge.

Because, well, we are so incredibly, totally lucky. We have loving humans who can take care of our needs.
(And even though I totally tried, I never managed to buy my own croissants.)

Unfortunately (for the Earth-ball hugs), we don’t have much to sell. Most of our stuff is free.

We only have one book and some cool swaggy stuff.  And because there are big human organizations organizing all of it (buying paper and stuff, printing, making cool books, packaging, sending, delivering,…), not much trickles down to Flynn and myself.

But that’s ok, you know, because without their help, we would not be able to do anything at all.

The cool thing is that, at the end, SOMETHING DOES trickle down!
And we are soooo completely thankful!

And that something can be of total real help!
That little something might even save a tiny life.

And that’s soooooo tooootally coooolest!!!!!!

Which is why we teamed up with B1G1 (Buy1Give1) – they check on fantastically helpful ways to get our Earth-ball hugs to where we want them to go.

And we can choose!

(We could even visit the places! And maybe we’ll do that with some of our friends eventually, wouldn’t that be something?)

Our main aim is to plant wee-trees all over.
That includes making good for the poor wee-trees that are used for our books… I sooo wish there were no wee-trees needed for paper. I feel so terrible about this!!!!

Because, seriously, without wee-trees nothing else will be of any good. 
And they have feelings, too, you know?
Flynn told me, and I totally believe him.

(Please buy ebook-thingies!!!!!!!!)

So, December 2019 is our very first Earth-ball hugging month
… and we just saw those current terrible, terrible fires in the Australia-place and all those injured and orphaned tiny koala-comrades. 

So while we are setting stuff up, figuring out how this all works, and how long it takes for our publisher to actually report on book-sale-numbers, we are going to jump in and give our Earth-ball hugs to feed tiny koala joey comrades who lost their mothers.

And if you want to help us, then 
please spread the word. 
I’d love you FOREVER!
(More than I already do.)

Check the counter below. See, we have already started to feed the little hungry bellies with your help!
Yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!! Love youuuuuuu!

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