Today, my human is sending out our new free Little Hunterman Calendar Page for MAY 2020 and we are all very excited about it. Especially Flynn, obviously. :o)

Little Hunterman Monthly Calendar Pages

Here are some annotations about the days we’ve chosen to include on the page for you.

Most of the links below are Wikipedia-link thingies or from official .org-sites – unless we did not find anything.
(All these links work right now, but they might change and/or break in the future, ok? Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that they’ll always work.
Let us know if you see stuff happen that we need to fix, please.)

We don’t really care about WHERE on the Earth-ball the days are celebrated, as long as it is something inspiring that is related to us in some way. And as long as EVERYONE could join in the celebration if they wished (without having to visit a specific place or buy something.)

May 1st.

  • National Mother Goose Day in the USA  –
    Which I turned into a total Earth-ball wide Mother Goose DAY!!!!

    So, yeah… even if this day originally seems to be about a very specific mother goose, I choose to include ALL OF THEM!
    I know soooooo many mother geese down at the riverside, I’d hate it if they’d feel left out. It would not be fair, I think.

May 3rd.

  • International Sun Day 
    Apparently, this is all about solar power stuff.
    Well, a lazy Sunday surely reenergizes me quite a bit.
    After I had my nap, that is.
  • The REAL World Laughter Day apparently goes here… *sight*.
    Looks like my solar power energy levels were not quite high enough when I wrote these dates down.

May 4th. 

  • Flynn and I actually wanted to include Star Wars Day here.
    We think that Wookiees are cool and that they should totally be allowed to be on our calendar page.
    But there you go, my human was not convinced.

May 5th.

  • World Laughter Day (It is actually on May 3rd. Somehow we found different links and followed the wrong one, it seems… but it does not matter. We should laugh every day, anyway.)

May 6th.

May 9th.

  • Lost Socks Memorial Day
    Coolest celebration, especially for the left-over sock! I did want to include it, but … I found most of the missing socks when I cleaned up my basket the next day. Too bad, really.
  • World Migratory Bird Day
    That’s kinda sorta like bird tourism, right?
    I thought so.

May 10th.

  • American Clean Up Your Room Day
    Which basically means that we need to clean our basket-places and put away our toys.
    At least for the day.
    You could also call it the Find Lost Socks Day.

May 14th.

May 15th.

May 18th.

May 20th.

  • International World Bee Day.
    Too bad we could not find any for our calendar page. That’s why Flynn had to volunteer as a stand-in bee.

May 23th.

  • World Turtle Day
    What’s not to love about turtle-comrades? They can even get reeeally big…

May 24th.

May 26th.

May 28th.

  • World Play Day
    We did not find much about this day besides that it’s sponsored by a toy-thingy association, but when it comes to PLAYING, I don’t need much incentive anyway.
    (Which reminds me to take all the toys out of my basket again!!!!)

May 30th.

May 31th

It can be a bit tricky to research these. Also because every place seems to have their very own days.
If you have a cool non-commercial celebration for the next calendar page, wee me!!!


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