This time I really need it. What a week! And my human started to count steps on that new iPhone Health app which is making her want to walk more, and more, and more … and I worry that we’ll very soon run out of places I know to cover in our daily rounds. Why? Because that would mean that we’ll go places I DON’T know.
And I have not decided yet if that could be dangerous and if I should take precautions.

Anyway. Better to stay close to home. Or close to my humans. So, last night I decided to squeeze in. And that gap between their pillows gave me the perfect space.
They did not even notice I was there. Not until morning. :o)


Dear Friends and Comrades – sorry for being around so little.
We had a setback over at Flynn’s Ocean and will have to redesign the bags due to technical reasons on the side of the plate printer.

I’ll explain more next week.
We hope that you’ll help us decide on the new bag-design.

So we will have a little competition among designers to see if they can come up with something (because my human just does not have the time), and we will ask our doggy bag experts here on Facebook, (=YOU) for their vote. I hope you’ll help us with this.

Seriously, once it is set up, this will not derail us much, but we are having some rough time getting there.

I’ll sleep a bit.
And dream of quiet times with my friends.

Maybe I’ll find me another pillow gap to squeeze in.


Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber-duck".)

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