Yesterday, while my Lassal-human and I were walking back home with some shopping, Max Crow came flying and landed on a car hood in front of us – while balancing a huge bone in his bill.

He looked at us. We stopped and looked back at him, admiring his bone, wondering what he was up to.
My human actually stopped rather gladly because she’d bought too much crow (!) food and was having a hard time carrying the all the heavy bags. 

Then Max swooped down to where we were standing with our shopping and dropped the bone at our feet.

Once done, he quickly flew up to the car again and cocked his head back and forth. 

I think he looked smug and very much pleased with himself as he paced around on the car watching us. 

My human was mesmerized. She could not believe it. 

And I? Well, I was all set to pick up my bone. I mean, it was a BONE, right? So it was obviously for me. 

But it was a chicken bone. And I’m not allowed to chew chicken bones. Max could not have known it, though. For him it was a beautifully perfect bone present.

And my human picked it up – which DID please Max – and now we have it in our little crow-treasurebox with the Hinkemann-presents. 

It was the first time that Max brought us something. 

It was a grand gesture and my human cannot really get over it. 

You’ll be able to read about how I got to know Max and what happened to him, Mona and their little Momo in 2.5 Crows…  Scary stuff!!! But they were very clever AND they had each other, (and they had Hinkemann and me as well.) 



Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber-duck".)

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