We only have two designs up right now. More to come.

My human has been adding some of my cartoon and calendar designs to my account over at Society6.com / Society6.de (soon).

(They improved the store – so we had to take all of the old designs off to increase the image-size and make them look pretty again.)

Why the swaggy stuff?
Because swaggy stuff is totally cool! And you can give it to nice friends. And we can use them as giveaways for my amazing Facebook Group and WeeMail Friends. 

It also helps with our challenge to plant more wee-trees on this Earth-Ball.

Because most of everything we do is free and I only have one book and that’s sadly not really enough to pay for a lot of stuff like wee-trees, right? 

I asked my human to make loads of more books with Flynn and myself but she warned us that she probably cannot illustrate more than 1 or 2 books per year. 

ARGHHH!!! That’s much too slow!!!!!

So Flynn and I decided to fill the book gaps with mugs and other coolest thingies for my human friends.

Each time we sell a book or a swaggy stuff, we ad 1 EARTH-BALL HUG to our account.

That’s because Flynn and I will be donating our complete share to this cause. 

That is ok, really, because we are soooo lucky!

We have loving humans who can afford to take care of us, but the Earth-Ball does not. And other animals do not either. They need help. Everyone needs help once in a while. Even humans. 

With the EARTH-BALL HUGS we’ll be planting and caring for wee-trees and we’ll be helping to take care of our animal comrades all over the global place. 

It would be soooooo megacool, if you joined us. One impact might only be smallish, but a lot of us could also do a lot – while having a good time together. 

Our focus on B1G1 are wee-trees and doggies. But also caring for animal comrades in general. So the first month will probably be helping our little koala-comrades in the burning Australia place.  


(and extra short stories)

Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber duck".)

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