Stick: Tuscon, Arizona. America-Lands


I got this stick from my Friend Nancy from the Tucson-Arizona-place in the America-Lands.
It was a Christmas present.
It smells fantastical! 
And even though I will most likely never manage to go and visit my Friend Nancy in her Tucson-place, I now know how it smells. At least how part of it smells.
And that is coolest, right?????
Remember when I sent a couple of sniff-boxes from the Bretagne-place in the France-Lands to friends all over the Earth-ball?
That was a long time ago. Flynn says that it was Christmas 2015 that we found the sticks. And then we sent them off once we were back home. 
Smells are so important for us doggies. Therefore, for us, getting sniff-stuff comes totally close to real traveling. It’s minimalistic. It’s cheap. You can travel much more this way than by doing the real thing. And it is much less scary.
My human has a lot of old frames hanging around, so we decided to start a stick gallery here at home. And every day she lifts me up so I can have my sniff of the Tucson-place.
Do you see the little sticker below? We’re going to have a real one made. Totally professional.
But now we need more sticks.
A gallery of anything that only has one piece is a bit sad.
If you find a nice sniff stick at your place, would you think of me and send it over so that I can put it into my stick gallery and visit you by sniff-traveling???????????
It does not need to be a big stick.

And you could send it to our publisher, who is already used to collect our bigger book packages:

Hunter c/o LegendaryMedia
Windmuehlstrasse 2-4
D-60329 Frankfurt am Main

We’ll put it in a fantastically nice frame and give it a professional lable. We’ll also put it up here in our online stick-gallery.

That would be sooooooo coooooolest!
And I could send you a sniff-stick from my place here right back!



Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber-duck".)

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