Mugs & Thingies

I was a bit irritated with the really bad previews of the mugs in Cafepress. So I went ahead and ordered samples.
What can I say? They do look great! See for yourself.
CafePress Sample Mugs
While I really love the polar bear mugs, I had soooo much fun with the two sided design, that I am going to add to that line.

Still, these looked so terrible in the shop-preview that I took them off the virtual shelves to check on the samples first (which looks great!). So they will be up for sale again, soon.
CafePress Sample Mugs
These sample mugs will be donated to a fundraising-auction now.


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LHM donations 2014_


There are currently only few products available in the Little Hunterman CafePress-Shop and the Little Hunterman Spreadshirt-Shop (German) – more designs will be added as we go along.


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The charitable illustration(s) for 2014 are chosen and up!
Look for the polar bear!

I’ll be adding some more variations to the headline and an additional polar bear illustration that will show up larger on the spreadshirt mugs.

All royalties (minus taxes) attached to the polar bear illustrations coming from the Little Hunterman Spreadshirt-Shop in 2014, will be donated to a newly to be defined animal welfare.
All royalties (minus taxes) attached to the polar bear illustrations coming from the Little Hunterman CafePress-Shop in 2014, will be donated to a second animal welfare organization).



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Here is the second polar bear illustration – the one that will fit better onto the
Spreadshirt mugs.

Little Hunterman Daily Cartoons 2014-02-15, charitable illustration #02


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The upcoming Little Hunterman ebooks will be distributed via LegendaryMedia Publishing. It will take me some more time to complete the first one. Please sign up below if you are interested in keeping informed and in having a chance to get a free copy.

Thank you for your patience.

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