Well, as most of you know already, dear Flynn is impossibly romantic. If he could he’d press “repeat” on every major sunset for 24 hours – until the next one was up.

I’m more the action adventure type, really. But I play along as much as I can.

Little Hunterman – Channel Hopping


Lassal had wanted to show this one next week. But we came home too late from a nice barbeque with friends and she had no time to prepare something new. So there you are.
By the way, we went to a cool place not far from here. And they had deer visiting the gardens at night. I SWEAR! Too bad I was not allowed to say hello to them. No one wanted to believe me that I would not chase them. So I had to sit inside and look out. That was hard to take …

#EternalSunset #dogs #ChannelHopping


Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber-duck".)

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