I just drank TONS of water to do this sign big enough so that humans will be able to read it from the other side of the world – Uff!

Don’t worry, that is NOT how I will be writing wee-mails to you from now on. That is just a marker. A headline, if you will. For everything from now on, I have my faithful typing-assistant Flynn with his prosthetic tail and Lassal’s iPad.

Big news:

Today my human has finally (re)activated my wee-mail list for sign-up. Yayyy!!!

That’s totally important because if you are on the wee-mail list it means that I can tell you something directly. A secret passcode, maybe. Or just a secret. Or some other very important thing.

Some of you are on my wee-mail list already – it is at present the very same list that will inform about books and stuff. I just have one list. It gets too complicated otherwise. At least for now.

So if you signed up already for beta-reading, then you are on the list. If you are not sure then I guess it does not matter to sign-up again. If the internet explodes as a result, then I guess it did matter after all. 😀

Anyway, there is nothing fancy awaiting you yet. Sorry. No croissant. No nothing. Sorry-sorry. We are doing puppy-steps, so today was just about reactivating the list.

Next time you’ll probably get the info about the “Year 01 Cartoon Book”. About preordering if you want to buy it, or about how to get it for free if you are on my wee-mail list.

Complicated stuff.

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Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber-duck".)

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