Lassal is reworking a couple of the old cartoons where she drew me in a different fashion – It took her a long time to decide how I was supposed to look like and she bounced around a lot.
This one was originally from February, and yeah, I looked not so nice on it.

Just a reminder: Sue is my cartoon version of Lassal and Neil is my cartoon version of Tony. I am the cartoon version of Hunter.
And we all have cartoon-superpowers!
Sort of.
It is confusing because we started to mix up real and cartoon here on Facebook with photos and suchlike.

This weekend Lassal (the real one) is going to go through the process of preparing a book-file for print. Not mine, but a word-search-book for kids. Still, it is going to be the ultimative test for my book file, too (so far she has only programmed ebooks).

And that is the only reason, basically, why I allow her to do it: Better if she does the mistakes with another book, right?

LittleHunterman - Photoshoot


#dogs #Photography #Interruptus #WhyIAmACartoonSortOf


Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber-duck".)

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